November 24, 2020


At this moment in time there are two main Questions we as a people need to ask ourselves: What the hell is really going on here? and What are we gonna do about it?

What's going on here is dire. A relative handful of men have decided, after much planning and plotting, that they're going to radically change the world, replacing the countless societies that exist on this planet with one monolithic system that they've devised themselves; a system of total control which people like them will run without any significant public input. This they call the Great Reset. The lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, etc. are the means they're using to socially engineer us to fit their agenda.

These Globalists, as they're called, believe global governance should supersede national governance. By not seeking our input or approval, yet forcing this just the same, they've in essence declared war on the global population. But it's a stealth war. Knowing they had neither the argument to persuade us, or the power to compel us, they resorted to this stealth attack, launching it from the shadows while hiding behind certain government and health officials, and the ever-obedient mainstream media.

Covid-19 serves several purposes in this. It gives them an excuse to shut down our economies, damaging and destroying countless jobs and small businesses, thus undermining our individual independence. It gives them an excuse to prevent us from meeting in large numbers, making it more difficult to protest effectively. And of course it provides the smokescreen to distract us while they put in place the other features of their New World Order system which will take away yet another tier of freedoms. Covid-19 is just the opening skirmish of a global war that's been launched against us. And it's a war that will determine the future of humanity; or indeed if humanity as we know it will even continue to exist at all.

It's terrifying. And it's no wonder that so many of us don't want to face it. It's hard to believe that so many of our public institutions have turned against us. Our politicians. Our mainstream media. Our medical professionals. But the truth is there, and it's getting clearer and darker with each passing month.

So that leads us to the second question: What are we gonna do about it? There's many answers to that but there's one that's primary: We have to stop living in denial, and accept we're in a war for our very  independence, freedom and survival. And once we accept this, we lift our heads, square back our shoulders, and plan our strategy of resistance. We meet in small numbers or large, face-to-face or online, we share information and ideas, we offer our skills and knowledge. We discuss them, debate them, and decide what to do. We network together with every other freedom-loving ally we can find. But we do it with the soberness and energy of those who have accepted we're at war and are determined to save ourselves and our families, our country and our Constitution. Not because we want to, but because we have to. The severity of this war will be determined by how long it takes We the People to organize and put forth an effective mass resistance. It's a war which can still be won nonviolently, if enough of us stand up.

While it appears we have few people in power supporting us, take courage in knowing there are millions of other citizens ready to stand side-by-side in this battle. And countless millions more who'd join if given a bit of hope. We have two choices here: do nothing (or too little) and become slaves to this New World Order; or resist strongly and with God's grace, defeat this great evil. We can do this but we don't have endless amounts of time. I'll be putting forth my suggestions on how to move forward soon. But please, put forth your own ideas as well. The more people we have putting time and thought into this, the better.

Please join our group if you believe it's time to form an organized and effective resistance. Thank you.

- Jeff Koslik
(The Freedom Movement.)



Here's a partial list of what needs to be done. If you'd like to help us
develop an effective Resistance, read through the list and select which
areas you'd like to participate in. Even moral and vocal support helps.
We all can contribute to this great cause.

  *Communications: Accumulate member list. Email messages.
  *Event Planners: Plan marches & rallies. Also social & cultural events
  *Freedom Economy: Handle signups, the Goods & Services list, arrange                                  markets.
  *General Member: Attend marches, rallies, & social events when able.                                          Participate in Freedom Economy markets when able.
  *Legal Adviser: Help to navigate how to protest while restrictions are                              in place; advise on civil disobedience issues
  *Media Team: Handle promotion of movement, press releases, and media
  *Merchandising: Handle the designing, ordering and selling of Freedom
                               Movement merchandise. (T-shirts, hats, etc.)
  *Recruitment: Find like-minded people to help us grow our numbers.
(Trump suporters, veterans, medical freedom advocates)
  *Research: Look into the Great Reset & covid-19 vaccines. Report findings.
  *Think Tanks: Strategy ideas. Submit ideas to all for consideration.
  *Web Designer: Design & maintain a new, professional-looking website.
  *Writing Team: Outreach emails, rally speeches, video scripts, etc.

If you'd like to volunteer for any of these, or If you have a question,
please email us at