November 30, 2020

(And Every Other Public Official In The USA)

I won't waste words; we're onto you. All of you. Politicians. Public officials. Health 'experts.' We know the facts and details about covid-19. For months we've researched it ourselves, and we know you're not following the science. You're not even following common sense. And you're certainly not following the U.S. Constitution. What you are doing is flat-out lying.

I won't go through the litany of these lies, the long list of nonsensical contradictions and inconsistencies in the policies you advocate. There's no more time for that. For months we've given you the benefit of the doubt; watching as your policies have eroded our freedom and prosperity. It strains credibility to assume you can be so misinformed when accurate information is readily available; or that you're so emotionally and psychologically fragile that your response to an easily manageable health issue is closer to that of an hysterical schoolgirl than an adult public official.

And so, with the impatience of a people fed up with being ignored, belittled and abused, we're forced to ask the obvious question: sir, with all due respect, are you a nationalist or a globalist? Do you care about America, the Constitution, free-enterprise and freedom? Or are you one of the globalists (suddenly seemingly everywhere) maneuvering to put in place the Great Reset? Willing to sabotage a state's economic well-being for the New World Order. Willing to betray their constituents' faith in representative government by doing their part to dismantle the power and glory of the United States.

You can't blame us for wondering. And you can't blame us for wanting an answer. This is a dire time. We know the globalists are waging a war on our mental and economic well-being, and your policies fall into line with their goals.  They've harmed so many of our families, friends and fellow citizens already and we can't allow it anymore.

If you are indeed a globalist, then shame on you. For you hid that fact from the people who elected you. I would suggest you consider resigning your office, for no citizen knowingly voted for an ideology which is hostile to our system of free enterprise; or for a leader who'd put at risk our jobs, businesses and families. In fact, your stubbornness has driven a significant portion of this state's electorate to the verge of open defiance. Need we remind you that the USA is a constitutional republic? You rule by our voluntary consent, and if we find you're out of line we will resist, as we are doing now.

If despite appearances you are a nationalist after all, and put the well-being of your country ahead of efforts for global governance, then I'd encourage you make a simple demonstration, a symbolic gesture to restore some faith in you. Recite for us, in public, the Pledge of Allegiance. Speak it with hand over heart, addressed to the national flag of the United States of America - 'and to the Republic for which it stands.' Then, subsequent to this pledge, follow it. End all unconstitutional mandates and government overreach; return us once again to a free, prosperous and healthy people.

But if you choose instead to continue down this destructive, authoritarian path, you'll demonstrate your failure to have our best interest at heart, and you'll lose us forever. Americans have little tolerance for tyrants, petty or large. We prefer working with you to reestablish common sense and common ground. We trust, upon consideration, you'll agree this is the most sensible path forward.

- Jeff Koslik
(The Freedom Movement.)


Please join our group if you believe it's time to form
an organized and effective resistance. Thank you.


Here's a partial list of what needs to be done. If you'd like to help us
develop an effective Resistance, read through the list and select which
areas you'd like to participate in. Even moral and vocal support helps.
We all can contribute to this great cause.

  *Communications: Accumulate member list. Email messages.
  *Event Planners: Plan marches & rallies. Also social & cultural events
  *Freedom Economy: Handle signups, the Goods & Services list, arrange                                  markets.
  *General Member: Attend marches, rallies, & social events when able.                                          Participate in Freedom Economy markets when able.
  *Legal Adviser: Help to navigate how to protest while restrictions are                              in place; advise on civil disobedience issues
  *Media Team: Handle promotion of movement, press releases, and media
  *Merchandising: Handle the designing, ordering and selling of Freedom
                               Movement merchandise. (T-shirts, hats, etc.)
  *Recruitment: Find like-minded people to help us grow our numbers.
(Trump suporters, veterans, medical freedom advocates)
  *Research: Look into the Great Reset & covid-19 vaccines. Report findings.
  *Think Tanks: Strategy ideas. Submit ideas to all for consideration.
  *Web Designer: Design & maintain a new, professional-looking website.
  *Writing Team: Outreach emails, rally speeches, video scripts, etc.

If you'd like to volunteer for any of these, or If you have a question,
please email us at